Rally #3. PHOTOS. Election time! Raffle time! Newtown, Sydney. 15 Mar 2015


Photo: Veronica Rios

The Election

The NSW Election on 28 March 2015 is our chance to vote for a party that is a voice for animals.

Special thanks to guest speakers David Shoebridge (MP, The Greens NSW) and Michael Walsh  (candidate for Newtown, The Animal Justice Party) for sharing their party’s policies on farm animals.

For more information on the each party’s policies and initiatives on animals:

Ag Gag

The ‘Criminal Code Amendment (Animal Protection) Bill 2015’  (also known as ag gag) will criminalise in-depth investigations that expose industry-wide cruelty in factory farms and other industries that use animals for profit. More than ever, we need to be the voice for pigs and other animals.

Shoebridge - Lauren Waldon
David Shoebridge (MP, The Greens NSW). Photo: Lauren Waldon
Michael Walsh (candidate for Newtown, Animal Justice Party). Photo: Steve Offner
Photo: Steve Offner
Photo: Steve Offner
Photo: Steve Offner
Photo: Steve Offner
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Photo: Lunatic Art
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Photo: Lunatic Art
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Photo: Lunatic Art
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Photo: Lunatic Art