In the Media. 3 April 2017

The Border Mail

One of the Riverina’s most vocal animal rights activists supported a vigil at a Border piggery on Monday night, aimed at drawing attention to “the plight of animals in intensive agriculture”.

The event, staged at Rivalea’s Corowa plant, was organised by vegan-activist group Sydney Pig Save, an arm of the international Save Movement.

Ms Ryan said the vigil was “a powerful but peaceful way for the community to express opposition to cruelty”.

“The public would be appalled if they knew the scale of the animal suffering and abuse that occurs inside these piggeries and slaughterhouses,” she said. “(A vigil) is an experience between each person and the animals.”

Riverina piggeries have been targeted more aggressively by animal rights crusaders in the past, with property owners accusing them of trespassing and planting hidden cameras.

The Save Movement was formed in Canada in 2010 and has since spread around the world.

The Border Mail. 3 April 2017