Rivalea Pig Vigil. Voices and pictures. 3 April 2017

As dawn broke over Rivalea Corowa Piggery & Slaughterhouse…

Contains sounds of pigs screaming; no graphic images

Your voices

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget the screams I heard today as we bore witness to the slaughter of nearly 2,000 pigs, their squeals continuing for hours after the sun came up. They could smell their deaths as clearly as we could. They knew what was coming. I’ve never felt so helpless in my life.

You cannot look into the eyes of a sow and tell me she can’t feel fear. Tell me she doesn’t know any better. Tell me she’s treated well. Tell me she’s killed humanely. Tell me her death is justified by your appetite. Because by now she is dead, and her death was far from painless.

To the animals: I’m sorry I couldn’t make them stop. I’m sorry I couldn’t make the pain more bearable. All I could do was bear witness to your death, and try my hardest not to turn away.

I feel guilty for leaving them all behind. 

I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus. I feel worse that we had to leave these poor souls behind, screaming for their lives and no one to help; screaming and no one hears. 

 So sad, I just keep thinking they are all dead now.

I feel like I have more purpose and more meaning in my life than ever. Deeply touched and open to where this journey of activism can lead me to live a truly authentic compassionate life. 

I feel more determined and filled with purpose. Everything is clearer and reality has shifted slightly. As if getting so close to the truth has brought my heart further into focus.

 I will never forget the sounds of their screams as they fight for their lives while being lowered into a gas chamber. I will never stop fighting for their right to live and to end their suffering.

 The smell was indescribable and I can still hear the screaming of pigs being gassed after being unloaded from packed transport trucks. The sheer horror of this is just not acceptable. Animals do not give up their lives voluntarily, nor do they live happy lives before slaughter. 

There is a hell on earth, and its name is Rivalea. It is just one amongst many and it is the stuff of my nightmares. 

We hear you. We can’t stop hearing you.

Your pictures

From the Rivalea Pig Vigil team

We thank everyone who participated and contributed to the vigil for their generosity, love and compassion.

Lisa Ryan, Steve Offner, Veronica Rios, Josh Agland, Ashley Avci, Felipe Friedrich, Mark Nestor & Yvonne Cheng

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