In the Media. 13 April 2017

Harden Murrumburrah Express

Agree or disagree with animal advocates and activists, no one can deny their dedication, commitment and focus. Every day members of the public are increasingly moved and inspired to join them. Last Monday, approximately 40 people, including Mark Pearson MP, gathered at the Riverlea Piggery in Corowa NSW to hold an ‘awareness vigil’ against the alleged mistreatment of the animals contained at the site.

Vigil spokesperson Lisa Ryan says the immediate aim of the vigil is to draw public attention to the plight of animals in intensive agriculture. It was a peaceful gathering, with the aim of ‘bearing witness’ to the animal suffering in intensive farming practices and slaughter houses.

“The public would be appalled if they knew the scale of the animal suffering and abuse that occurs inside these facilities, just to get pork, ham and bacon on their plates,” Ms Ryan said. “We will continue to hold these peaceful vigils at abattoirs, pounds, piggeries, wherever they are needed to raise awareness.”

The Harden Murrumburrah Express. 13 April 2017