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Postal address: PO Box 27. Marrickville NSW 1475. Australia

Please note that we are an animal advocacy group, and are not in a position to adopt or re-home animals.

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  1. Thanks for your comment and support. We are working on updating our page and hope it continues to be helpful!

  2. Hi I am Luke preferred name Zenn As the word Inner peace I Won’t to dovote my life to work/ give back that of what I’ve taken I have turned 100% Vegan 4months ago and before that I was vegetarian for 4 years I’ve never really eating a lot of fish within my life buy I cannot say I haven’t eating it , ?! But I want to do Activism for fish pigs and all animals I’m so Passionate about helping so for me would u help me be apart of your team ??? Thankyou for reading

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