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Rally #4. PHOTOS & VIDEOS. #NoAgGag. 8 Aug 2015


Around 200 people attended the #NoAgGag Rally on a sunny Saturday at Sydney Town Hall.

There are no winners in ag-gag laws. They undermine the values of democracy, impedes free speech and transparency. If passed, it means that investigators of animal cruelty will be made criminals while the perpetrators of that cruelty will be protected. It will obscure consumers’ understanding of where their food comes from.

Thank you to our wonderful guest speakers Emmanuel Giuffre (Legal Counsel at Voiceless), Michael Walsh (member of the Animal Justice Party) and Dr Mehreen Faruqi (MP and Animal Welfare spokesperson at NSW Green) for their passion and fight against ag-gag.

We thank all our supporters; in particular, Steven Lewanski, Andy Fawkner and Michael McNally for help out with audio.

Here are some of our favourite photos from the rally. You can see more at Sydney Activism Photography.

Emmanuel Giuffre (Voiceless). Photo: Veronica Rios
Michael Walsh (Animal Justice Party). Photo: Veronica Rios
Dr Mehreen Faruqi (The Greens NSW). Photo: Veronica Rios
andy and onesies
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
felipe and rosie
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
little girl
Photo: Veronica Rios
pumkin and james
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
vonnie and pudding
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
crowd lunatic
Photo: Lunatic Art
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
sps banne and mehreen
Photo: Veronica Rios


Rally #4. #NoAgGag. 8 Aug 2015

#NoAgGag Rally

  • Date: Saturday, 8 August 2015
  • Time: 11.00-12.30
  • Place: Sydney Town Hall. 483 George Street, Sydney
  • Register: Your attendance via our Facebook Event

Ag-gag laws are designed to deter activists and journalists from documenting the suffering of animals in factory farms. In June 2015, a Senate Committee recommended that WA Senator Chris Black’s Criminal Code Amendment (Animal Protection) Bill be passed with a minor change.

If passed, it means that investigators of animal cruelty will be made criminals while the perpetrators of that cruelty will be protected. It will obscure consumers’ understanding of where their food comes from.

Join us to learn more about ag-gag and oppose this backward Bill. A short Q&A session will follow the speeches.

 Guest speakers:

  1. Emmanuel Giuffre, Legal Counsel at Voiceless
  2. Michael Walsh, member of the Animal Justice Party
  3. Dr Mehreen Faruqi, MP and Animal Welfare spokesperson at NSW Greens

AgGag collage






PHOTOS & VIDEOS. March To Close All Slaughterhouses. 13 Jun 2015

  • Sydney Pig Save thanks Phil Hall from Animal Liberation NSW for organising the March in Sydney.
  • What was this March about? Click here to find out.

The Signs…

…had different words, different colours and different shapes. But the message was the same.

Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Lunatic Art

The March…

…down the middle of Sydney streets.

Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios

The Speeches by…

Lynda Stoner, Animal Liberation NSW. Photo: Veronica Rios
Yvonne Cheng, Sydney Pig Save. Photo: Veronica Rios
Mark Nestor, Sydney Pig Save. Photo: Veronica Rios
Andrew McGregor, Macquarie University. Photo: Veronica Rios
Neva Hartmann, Hart Acres Animal Haven. Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios


March To Close All Slaughterhouses. 13 Jun 2015

sydney march 2014

french sign

Register at the Sydney event’s Facebook page.

In 2014, Animal Liberation NSW organised Sydney’s first rally as part of the worldwide March To Close All Slaughterhouses, featuring a march down George Street and esteemed guest speakers.

The day was one of solidarity with activists and other compassionate members of the animal rights movement, a day not just of solemn reflection of the suffering of animals, but of celebration and optimism for the progress made by those joining the fight.

This year we’ll be taking part again, and hope to make this event bigger and better!

Guest speakers:

WHEN: Saturday 13th June @ 12pm

WHERE: Meeting @ Hyde Park, near St. James station (exact location will be provided soon)


  •  12pm Begin congregating at Hyde Park
  •  1pm March commences down Market Street
  •  1:45pm approx. Guest speakers at Queens Square, Macquarie Street

At Big Ears Animal Sanctuary. 23 May 2015

Rugged up in cosy Choose Cruelty Free hoodies, co-founders Belinda Jones and Yvonne Cheng visited Big Ears Animal Sanctuary near chilly Launceston, TAS to help care for rabbits rescued from meat farms and backyard breeders.

In between worm and flea treatments for the rabbits, they visited Clarence and Frankie, two pigs rescued from certain death. Both now live happily in a large paddock with space to wallow, dig and run.

Belinda and Yvonne with one of the rabbits
clarence 1
Belinda and Yvonne with Clarence
clarence 2
Yvonne and Belinda with Clarence
frankie 1
frankie 2
Yvonne and Frankie

In The Media. 21 & 27 May 2015

wilbur and bee
Wilbur and Belinda
harriet and bee
Harriet and Belinda
calf and bee
Valentine and Belinda

Read the article:

Sydney Pig Save is in the media!

Co-founder Belinda Jones talks about the cruelty inflicted on pigs living in factory farms and the need to raise community awareness.

She visited Where Pigs Fly Farm Animal Sanctuary, NSW and met pig residents Harriet and Wilbur for a romp-in-the-mud photo shoot, and other residents, like Valentine the calf, who have all been saved from slaughter.



Raffle Winners! 16 May 2015

The raffle is drawn! Thank you to all who bought tickets and helped us raise almost $2000 to support our activities and animal sanctuaries.


  • 3rd prize winner: Deb (Black D-070)
  • 2nd prize winner: Joanne (Green D-011)
  • 1st prize winner: Maddie (Red E-006)
  • Deluxe prize winner: Diane (Yellow E-080)

Check out the list of prizes!

raffle draw
Winning tickets drawn by Sydney Pig Save committee members (left to right): Veronica, Steve, Yvonne, Belinda. Duke Hotel, Enmore NSW


At Glebe Markets. 18 Apr 2015

We had a wonderful day at Glebe Markets.

People stopped by to ask questions about pig farming, and we spoke to them about the cruelty of pig farming. We collected signatures for petitions and sold T-shirts. We also sold tickets to our cruelty-free raffle.

We thank all our lovely supporters who came by to say ‘Hi’ and handed out flyers and brochures!

For updates on our market stalls, please check At The Markets.

Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios


Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios






It’s Raffle Time! RAFFLE CLOSED

raffle-ticket-300x166RAFFLE DRAWN: 16 MAY 2015

Click here for the winners!

We are selling tickets for our first cruelty free raffle! There are over $1000 worth of prizes donated by wonderful cruelty free organisations who support our work to help pigs.


  • One ticket = $5
  • Five tickets = $20


  1. Simply transfer the amount into our bank account (Sydney Pig Save. BSB: 062181. Account number: 10795678)
  2. When you transfer, include your mobile number (and if space allows, your name) in the ‘Description’ line so we can text your ticket numbers. For example: 0401023456Mike

*Unfortunately, we cannot post prizes. Prizes need to be picked up from Sydney.

 Deluxe Prize (value: over $600)

1st Prize (value: over $240)

2nd Prize (value: over $220)

3rd Prize (value: over $200)

All proceeds from the raffle and other fundraising will go towards campaigns to educate the community on the plight of pigs in the production of our food, and supporting animal rescue sanctuaries in NSW.

Good luck everyone, and thank you for your support!