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What should we do when the suffering of another creature causes us to feel pain?

In this age of Instagram and celebrity TV chefs, we’ve never been so obsessed by what we eat. But nor have we been so utterly disconnected from how all those ‘ingredients’ make their way onto our plates. Take meat. Imagine if we scrutinised that benign-sounding journey from ‘paddock to plate’ with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail we devote to the moment of plating up?

Cruelty Free Festival 2016

It was great to see you all again at the Cruelty Free Festival. A big THANK YOU to CC who helped us on the day!

We sold tote bags, tees, stickers, and handed out lots of leaflets to raise awareness of the suffering of pigs in food production.

There was lots of interest in vigils to bear witness to the suffering of pigs. Keep an eye on Rivalea Pig Vigil for details of upcoming vigil events.


Cruelty Free Festival 2015

This is our stall at the Cruelty Free Festival. We sold our new tote bags, tees, stickers.

And of course, tickets for our Raffle!

Thank you to the volunteers who helped on the day!

Sydney Pig Sticker. Photo: Lunatic Asylum
Tania in one of our tees. Photo: Veronica Rios
Our stall. Photo: Veronica Rios
Doughy the rescue piglet. Photo: Veronica Rios
Raffle prizes. Photo: Lunatic Asylum
Ash with one of our new tote bags. Photo: Veronica Rios
Tote bags. Photo: Lunatic Asylum

At Big Ears Animal Sanctuary. 23 May 2015

Rugged up in cosy Choose Cruelty Free hoodies, co-founders Belinda Jones and Yvonne Cheng visited Big Ears Animal Sanctuary near chilly Launceston, TAS to help care for rabbits rescued from meat farms and backyard breeders.

In between worm and flea treatments for the rabbits, they visited Clarence and Frankie, two pigs rescued from certain death. Both now live happily in a large paddock with space to wallow, dig and run.

Belinda and Yvonne with one of the rabbits
clarence 1
Belinda and Yvonne with Clarence
clarence 2
Yvonne and Belinda with Clarence
frankie 1
frankie 2
Yvonne and Frankie

At Glebe Markets. 18 Apr 2015

We had a wonderful day at Glebe Markets.

People stopped by to ask questions about pig farming, and we spoke to them about the cruelty of pig farming. We collected signatures for petitions and sold T-shirts. We also sold tickets to our cruelty-free raffle.

We thank all our lovely supporters who came by to say ‘Hi’ and handed out flyers and brochures!

For updates on our market stalls, please check At The Markets.

Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios


Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios
Photo: Veronica Rios






Outreach #1. Share The Love on Valentine’s Day. Newtown, Sydney. 14 Feb 2015

On Valentine’s Day, we teamed up with The Greens NSW to hand out information leaflets to the public in Newtown, Sydney.

The Greens NSW highlighted the cruelty of sow stalls and farrowing crates, and their proposed Bill to ban these barbaric practices by 2018.

Sydney Pig Save shared the Valentine love to all  species. There is no difference between a dog and pig. Why do we love one but eat the other?

Thank you to our amazing supporters who helped on the day!

valentine leaflet 2

valentine leaflet 3

valentine leaflet 4