In the Media. 13 April 2017

Harden Murrumburrah Express

Agree or disagree with animal advocates and activists, no one can deny their dedication, commitment and focus. Every day members of the public are increasingly moved and inspired to join them. Last Monday, approximately 40 people, including Mark Pearson MP, gathered at the Riverlea Piggery in Corowa NSW to hold an ‘awareness vigil’ against the alleged mistreatment of the animals contained at the site.

Vigil spokesperson Lisa Ryan says the immediate aim of the vigil is to draw public attention to the plight of animals in intensive agriculture. It was a peaceful gathering, with the aim of ‘bearing witness’ to the animal suffering in intensive farming practices and slaughter houses.

“The public would be appalled if they knew the scale of the animal suffering and abuse that occurs inside these facilities, just to get pork, ham and bacon on their plates,” Ms Ryan said. “We will continue to hold these peaceful vigils at abattoirs, pounds, piggeries, wherever they are needed to raise awareness.”

The Harden Murrumburrah Express. 13 April 2017

What should we do when the suffering of another creature causes us to feel pain?

In this age of Instagram and celebrity TV chefs, we’ve never been so obsessed by what we eat. But nor have we been so utterly disconnected from how all those ‘ingredients’ make their way onto our plates. Take meat. Imagine if we scrutinised that benign-sounding journey from ‘paddock to plate’ with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail we devote to the moment of plating up?

In the Media. 3 April 2017

The Border Mail

One of the Riverina’s most vocal animal rights activists supported a vigil at a Border piggery on Monday night, aimed at drawing attention to “the plight of animals in intensive agriculture”.

The event, staged at Rivalea’s Corowa plant, was organised by vegan-activist group Sydney Pig Save, an arm of the international Save Movement.

Ms Ryan said the vigil was “a powerful but peaceful way for the community to express opposition to cruelty”.

“The public would be appalled if they knew the scale of the animal suffering and abuse that occurs inside these piggeries and slaughterhouses,” she said. “(A vigil) is an experience between each person and the animals.”

Riverina piggeries have been targeted more aggressively by animal rights crusaders in the past, with property owners accusing them of trespassing and planting hidden cameras.

The Save Movement was formed in Canada in 2010 and has since spread around the world.

The Border Mail. 3 April 2017



Rivalea Pig Vigil. Voices and pictures. 3 April 2017

As dawn broke over Rivalea Corowa Piggery & Slaughterhouse…

Contains sounds of pigs screaming; no graphic images

Your voices

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget the screams I heard today as we bore witness to the slaughter of nearly 2,000 pigs, their squeals continuing for hours after the sun came up. They could smell their deaths as clearly as we could. They knew what was coming. I’ve never felt so helpless in my life.

You cannot look into the eyes of a sow and tell me she can’t feel fear. Tell me she doesn’t know any better. Tell me she’s treated well. Tell me she’s killed humanely. Tell me her death is justified by your appetite. Because by now she is dead, and her death was far from painless.

To the animals: I’m sorry I couldn’t make them stop. I’m sorry I couldn’t make the pain more bearable. All I could do was bear witness to your death, and try my hardest not to turn away.

I feel guilty for leaving them all behind. 

I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus. I feel worse that we had to leave these poor souls behind, screaming for their lives and no one to help; screaming and no one hears. 

 So sad, I just keep thinking they are all dead now.

I feel like I have more purpose and more meaning in my life than ever. Deeply touched and open to where this journey of activism can lead me to live a truly authentic compassionate life. 

I feel more determined and filled with purpose. Everything is clearer and reality has shifted slightly. As if getting so close to the truth has brought my heart further into focus.

 I will never forget the sounds of their screams as they fight for their lives while being lowered into a gas chamber. I will never stop fighting for their right to live and to end their suffering.

 The smell was indescribable and I can still hear the screaming of pigs being gassed after being unloaded from packed transport trucks. The sheer horror of this is just not acceptable. Animals do not give up their lives voluntarily, nor do they live happy lives before slaughter. 

There is a hell on earth, and its name is Rivalea. It is just one amongst many and it is the stuff of my nightmares. 

We hear you. We can’t stop hearing you.

Your pictures

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March to Close All Slaughterhouses. 11 March 2017

Sydney’s 4th annual March To Close All Slaughterhouses is here!

WHEN: Saturday, 11 March 2017 @ 12-2pm
WHERE: Martin Place near Macquarie Road

The day was one of solidarity with activists and other compassionate members of the animal rights movement, a day not just of solemn reflection of the suffering of animals, but of celebration and optimism for the progress made by those joining the fight.

Join us on 11 March as we march down the streets of Sydney demanding radical change to the way we treat animals in our society. We will be joined across the country by marches in Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Hobart!

Be among hundreds chanting, holding banners and handing out leaflets, to inform the community about how to live happy, healthful lives in harmony with animals.

Guest speakers:




Cruelty Free Festival 2016

It was great to see you all again at the Cruelty Free Festival. A big THANK YOU to CC who helped us on the day!

We sold tote bags, tees, stickers, and handed out lots of leaflets to raise awareness of the suffering of pigs in food production.

There was lots of interest in vigils to bear witness to the suffering of pigs. Keep an eye on Rivalea Pig Vigil for details of upcoming vigil events.


Raffle Winners! 19 December 2015

1725393_10154452958198642_3372274703283875119_n (1)
Steve Santa & Felipe Reindeer from the Sydney Pig Save committee

The raffle is drawn! Thank you to all who bought tickets to support our activities and animal sanctuaries.

Proceeds go to Signal Hill Sanctuary, Little Oak Santuary and Hart Acres Animal Haven.


  • 3rd prize winner: Jason A (Black D-29)
  • 2nd prize winner: Denise K (Pink C-08)
  • 1st prize winner: Caitlin S (Black D-69)

Here is the list of wonderful prizes.

Happy Festive Season from the team at Sydney Pig Save!


Cruelty Free Festival 2015

This is our stall at the Cruelty Free Festival. We sold our new tote bags, tees, stickers.

And of course, tickets for our Raffle!

Thank you to the volunteers who helped on the day!

Sydney Pig Sticker. Photo: Lunatic Asylum
Tania in one of our tees. Photo: Veronica Rios
Our stall. Photo: Veronica Rios
Doughy the rescue piglet. Photo: Veronica Rios
Raffle prizes. Photo: Lunatic Asylum
Ash with one of our new tote bags. Photo: Veronica Rios
Tote bags. Photo: Lunatic Asylum

It’s Raffle Time Again #2 RAFFLE CLOSED

funny-pig-16BUY tickets for our second cruelty free raffle!

DRAWN 19 December 2015

Click here for the winners!

There are around $1000 worth of prizes to be won, all donated by wonderful cruelty free organisations who support our work to help pigs.

All proceeds from the raffle and other fundraising will go towards campaigns to educate the community on the plight of pigs in the production of our food, and supporting animal rescue sanctuaries in NSW.

Good luck everyone, and thank you for your support!


  • One ticket = $5
  • Five tickets = $20


  1. Simply transfer the amount into our bank account (Sydney Pig Save. BSB: 062181. Account number: 10795678)
  2. When you transfer, include your mobile number (or email address) and your name in the ‘Description’ line so we can text/email your ticket numbers. For example: 0401023456Mike

*Unfortunately, we cannot post prizes. Prizes need to be picked up from Sydney.

 First Prize (value: over $660)

  1. Handmade quilt with pig design
  2. RARE Bag with Sydney Pig Save logo
  3. Healing session (60 min) from Soul House
  4. ‘Calm’ Facial (45 min) from Jacaranda Beauty Room
  5. Gift voucher from Footprint Fashions
  6. Oilskin coat for greyhound/whippet from Fair Dinkum Dog Coats
  7. Private yoga session (60 min) with Diane Taylor from Yoga Motion
  8. Vegetarian Hamper from Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher
  9. Voucher from Sadhana Kitchen
  10. Bottle of organic wine from Macquariedale Wines
  11. Sydney Pig Save tee

Second Prize (value: over $220)

  1. Healing session (30 min) from Soul House
  2. Summer Hoodie from Choose Cruelty Free
  3. Book ‘The gift of kindness’ by Pam Ahern @ Edgar’s Mission
  4. Handmade toy of ‘Zorro Pig’ from Milli & Max Toys
  5. Green tea & jasmine gift pack from Perfect Potion
  6. Bottle of organic wine from Macquariedale Wines
  7. Sydney Pig Save tee

Third Prize (value: over $120)

  1. Healing session (30 min) from Soul House
  2. Beanie from Choose Cruelty Free
  3. Book ‘Striking at the roots: a practical guide to animal activism’ by Mark Hawthorne
  4. Voucher from the Cruelty Free Shop
  5. Sydney Pig Save tee