Factory Farms

A factory farm is an industrial operation that raises large numbers of animals for food. Factory farms focus on cost efficiency. To gain the highest output at the lowest cost, animals are raised at a high stocking density, usually indoors. Cost efficiency is possible with technologies that include artificial methods to maintain animal health and improve production (e.g. vitamin supplements, growth hormones) and automated systems to handle animals.

pig in farrowing crate
Sow and piglets in a farrowing crate. Photo: Aussie Farms

In Australia, most of the pork, ham and bacon on our supermarket shelves are produced from pigs raised in factory farms.

As intelligent and sensitive animals, pigs suffer physical and emotional stress in factory farms.

The other animal commonly raised in factory farms is the chicken – for meat and eggs.

egg chicken
Chickens in an egg factory farm. Photo: Aussie Farms
meat chickens
Chickens in a meat factory farm. Photo: Aussie Farms

Issues with factory farming of pigs

Confining thousands of pigs (or any species of animal) in tightly packed facilities creates: